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About Me
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This is the page that tells about me.

I might talk about whatever u start talking about, or i will start talking about me , or Nsync!!!!!!

My name is Alyssa as u already know. I have black hair, brownish blackish eyes, and I'am 5"1. I love Sports. I play Basketball, Volleyball, I did Tennis before , I was an Track for like only 3 or 4 practices but that does not count, I did Baseball, I'am an Rally Squad but that is not a sport. I might do track this year.

Here r some of my favorites.
Animal: Monkeys
Favorite Group: Nsync
Favorite songs: Peaches & Cream, Pop, I'm Real, Am to Pm
Colors: Blue, Black, Purple, Sliver
Movies: Save the Last Dance, and Coyote Ugly
Favorite Teachers: Miss Martain, Mr.Farber, Mrs.Walborn (Mrs.Ashbeck now ), Mr.Post, and Mrs.Elligsen.
Favorite Cartoon: Simpsons,and Future Rama.
Favorite non-cartoon show: Will & Grace, and Friends.
Sports: Basketball, and Volleyball
Favorite Place to shop: Mall
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Month: April
Favorite numbers: 5,7,and 512
Subject:Computers,Shop, and English


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
Save the last dance, Coyote Ugly

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nsync,Zoegirl,Avalon,O-town ect.